SA. Saucisse Piquante Free Range

SA. Saucisse Piquante Free Range


Traditional spicy cured and air dried sausage originates from the South of France in its signature ''horseshoe'' shape. Deep red in colour, with a peppery aroma, spicy-hot (mild) taste.

It is perfect to slice and eat cold with a rustic baguette paired with a hearty slice of cheese, or added to a charcuterie or antipasto platter. Tote some along on your picnic, or slice one up as a fancy snack.

Ingredients list: Pork and pork fat (92%), Salt (3%), Chilli (1%), Capsicum (3%), Sodium nitrite (250) (≤1%), Starter culture (≤1%). Gluten-free.

Casing: Natural Hog Casings, completely edible

Country of origin: 100% Australia made

Storage: Leave it in the paper bag, and refrigerate ≤5°C