SA. Chilli Bâtonnet Free Range

SA. Chilli Bâtonnet Free Range


This chilli flavoured bâtonnet tastes exactly like dried chorizo. Bundle of 3 bâtonnet. Easy to take to work, parties or even cinema. Not even need a knife.

Formed from the finest free-range pork, these delicious bâtonnet has an excellent balance of seasoning and flavour. Fine pork grind is blended with salt and pepper until the flavour fully develops. Ideally accompany them with a piece of bread, cherry tomatoes. 

Ingredients list: Pork and pork fat (92%), salt (3%), chilli (1%), capsicum (3%), sodium nitrite (250) (≤1%), starter culture (≤1%). Gluten-free. 

Casing: Natural collagen casing, completely edible

Country of origin: 100% Australia made

Storage: Leave it in our paper bag, and refrigerate ≤5°C