O. Pecorino Romano Genuine D.O.P

O. Pecorino Romano Genuine D.O.P


We source our Pecorino Romano from R. Brunelli – one of only 3 producers in Lazio, the traditional region of this cheese (most Romano cheeses are now made in Sardinia). It is dry salted and then matured in natural caves for at least one year to create rich, long-lasting piccante flavour with a well-balanced salty note. The rich sheep’s milk creates a full buttery feel through the end palate. The texture is firm and appears slightly grainy. Pecorino Romano is an excellent grating and cooking cheese traditionally used in many Italian dishes to create a rich, savoury flavour. It can also be served on antipasti platters with cured meats and olives.

Region: Lazio, Italy
Milk: Pasteurised Sheep
Size: approx 200g wedge