P. Yarrawa

P. Yarrawa


Yarrawa is Australia's first non-cooked Raw Milk cheese and is an expression of our entire farming system. It is named after the indigenous word for Robertson's unique cool climate rainforest. Macro factors like soil, pasture and season give this cheese it's provenance in time and place, but so do the prevailing seasonal micro-flora which is encouraged to grow within the cheese and upon its natural rind, over a minimum of three months. Only very simple starter cultures are used in order to give these indigenous yeasts and moulds space to express themselves in the cheese. Yarrawa is unmistakably reminiscent of Pyrenean/Basque sheep milk cheeses. It has a supple paste that hints of butter, cashews, caramel and grass. A complete expression of our farm. From the soil season, pasture and lactation cycle.

Size: 130gr wedge

Photo credit: Pecora Dairy