Bread For Life Project

This website was build from the initiative of keep small producers afloat and giving them an online presence whilst Farmers Markets are on Pause. I can't thank you enough for the ongoing support. 


A dear friend of mine send me the link of #breadforlifeproject from Kasper Christensen, an initiative to raise money for their friend's 2 year old son who has been dignosed with brain & Spinal cord cancer. I saw an opportunity to help out to reach more people, an initiative for another initiative. 



Who is Kasper Christensen: 

Instagram: @NordicDiningByKasper

Currently: Executive Chef at Sydney Opera House

- 2015 Chef at NOMA Sydney

- Private Chef to Danish Royal Family

We decided to share his incredible sourdough starter with recipe and video tutorials!

  • What do you get for $15: A share of his "Bread Pet" , video and tutorials on how to take care of it and bake it. 
  • What do you get from The Market Drop - I will add for 1kg of White Baker Flour and 1kg of Wholewheat Flour from Wholegrain Milling for FREE. 

Add the bundle to your cart here

The $15 will go directly go to Kasper for his 100% non profit fundraiser. 

Check out Kasper Christensen landing page here to know about is initiative. 

Happy Baking 

Aurore xx





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