West Walla Farm

West Walla Farm is a small family run boutique farm in the NSW Eastern Riverina. Tobias and Amy Lehmann operate the farm with the simple belief that loved, happy and content animals will produce tastier food.

Their chickens are moved regularly in their chicken caravans on to fresh pasture. They eat fresh grass, forage for bugs, have uninterrupted access to the outdoors, are encouraged to express their true “chicken-ness”, and are never locked up.

The result is delicious, nutritious, and ethical eggs that are good for you and the earth.

You can also visit their website https://westwallafarm.com.au/

Weekly update: due to the Beaches Market being closed this Friday (Good Friday) they will not do any delivery us this week. If you wish to order from them, please contact them directly by email.

WW. Rambling Riverina Pastured Eggs 700g

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Rambling Riverina Pastured Eggs 700g

WW. Handcrafted Mayonnaise 300ml

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Our mayonnaises are made in small batches using our fresh pastured eggs. Ingredients: canola oil, Dijon mustard, vinegar, egg yolks, English mustard, salt, cayenne pepper Made in Australia from at...