Pecora Dairy

Pecora Dairy is an artisan sheep milk dairy and cheesery founded in 2011 by Michael and Cressida Cains. Our farm is 200 acres situated in Robertson, the Green Heart of the Southern Highlands, within 100 miles of Sydney. It's here, where our ewes graze lush pasture and drink from crystal clear running creeks to produce rich, creamy milk for us to make our seasonal ewes milk cheeses.

Our overarching philosophy is a gentleness on the land, towards our ewes, and in the production our cheese. This light handed approach intertwines throughout all aspects of our farming and cheesemaking, resulting in benchmark, ewe's milk  cheeses with provenance of a single time and place and are expression of our farms entire ecosystem. We've raised our pure East Friesian sheep flock and created our cheese making systems with painstaking care over many years.

We work together, attending to every aspect of our pursuit. It is our life's work.

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Where to find them: Carriageworks Farmers Market 1st and 3rd Saturday - Northside Produce Market 1st and 3rd Saturday under the Cheese On Wheels stall.