MG Food Co

MG Food Co's journey began in 2015. I was a somewhat healthy, food-obsessed corporate who often travelled for work and struggled to find healthy, enjoyable food that satisfied my sweet tooth. Most breakfast & snack products I came across were either highly processed, high in sugar (natural or not), contained dairy, or worst of all, tasted horrible.

Diagnosis of some health issues then gave me the kick up the butt that I needed to put down the Nutella jar, dust off my baking skills and create healthy food that still tastes amazing.

After months of experimenting, I began sharing my granola creations with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and basically anyone who didn’t have a nut allergy. In 2017 it ended up in the hands of a local café owner who began serving it with his acai bowls. The customer feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that it sparked my urge to share my products with the world.

Mamma G (aka my mum) jumped on board, I kissed my corporate career goodbye, and so was born MG Food Co! We now bake granola in our Sydney kitchen whilst pondering life and talking loudly with our hands. We hope you love our products as much as we do!  Marisa x 

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