Country Valley Milk

Country Valley Milk's owners John and Sally Fairley live in a beautiful valley in Picton, New South Wales with their two children, Thomas and Ellen. Picton is just one hour southwest of Sydney but the town itself is nestled in a lovely rural environment.

Their family has been living in this valley for over 165 years, farming everything from peas to cattle. The Dairy was opened in 1958 and has been running tirelessly ever since, firstly, by John's father, uncle, grandfather and then by John and his family since 2001.

In July 2000, the Federal Government deregulated the Dairy Industry. This resulted in widespread changes across the industry. One major opportunity that developed was the ability to bottle and sell their milk; instead of sending it to a processor (such as Dairy Farmers). They built and completed their own processing plant by March 2004 which is aptly named “The Milk House” – located on their farm, less than 100 metres from where the happy go lucky cows are milked.

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