The story of Anna-Lei comes from our Family Heritage. 

Our Great Grand Ma, in her HOTEL DOIRAT was a chef, she was cooking delicious meals, delicious desserts and jams. One of them was the madeleines, old recipe from the XVIII century.

Anna-Lei, who is 14, loves surfing, reading, travelling and cooking decided to explore a recipe of madeleines.

She discovered the beauty of the French cuisine with Elliot Roussel, a young talented French Chef who help her rejuvenate and enhance the recipe, choosing the right premium ingredients, and mastering the shape “the small bump!” of the Madeleine with the right cooking time, temperature and love!  We have decided, as a Family to build this story and to invite our friend for a delicious treat!

Anna-Lei, Leon-Wei, Jerome, Sophie

You can also visit their website

Where to find them: Manly Market (seasonal), French events around Sydney.